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We know our beans, we defend them. Our approach is based on personal relationships. At our cupping lab we permanently monitor the beans throughout the harvest year, looking for consistency & improvements.

We understand the delicacy and lifechanging power of the beans. Every chain participant is critically choosen, to value the beans as much as we do is a must.

Finally every process generates a report that is available for both producer & buyer.

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We are an open window between producers and buyers. Happily, we have overview a change, realizing how much we interdepend on each other. Peru is country of contrasts. Diversity is a beautiful challenge.

Idiosyncrasy, geography, ethnicities, languages, differs in every corner of Peru. All united by these beans.

We are looking to match these powerful beans to the right consumers.

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To ethically trade we would have to be in the same baseline with the producers. Reality differs much. Small farmers usually lack a set of skills (financial, operative), as well as technology and capital. We need them to be sustainable, which is impossible without knowledge shared.

we organize constant workshops in operational skills such as cupping, roasting, brewing, chocolate making; and also in business skills: registrations, costs structures, efficiency, productivity, process optimization, marketing. As long as the producer closes the gaps would allow him to gain more control, responsibilities, and economical benefits, diminishing the need for a larger supply chain.

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Buying from origin seems difficult and risky. Long distances, different cultures, bureocracy leviathans. If you are a first time importer is close to a blind buy.

We can lower that risk. Since 2016 we have succesfully exported to Russia, China, Norway, US, Canada. We can manage an specific bean, locate your need to our offer. In addition, scale is not a problem. We can adjust to different load sizes. We can consolidate different origins, from Puno to Cajamarca.

However, we have one condition. We are seeking for long time partnerships. Our model is only possible if a collective, a community is tighly formed.

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